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Who is Binge??

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Who is Binge??

Well, we want to thank all of you for taking the time to find out!

So who is Binge you ask?

  Binge is a company that prides itself in making those of you, or someone you may know, capable of finding fashionable and affordable shoes in bigger sizes!! We bring fashion that can have you slaying the office floor or the red carpet! We're here to maximize the fun of the shoe, and minimize the heartache of finding a shoe only to find out it isn't anywhere close to your size!

  We offer only sizes 10 and up. Currently our inventory carries up to a 14 in select sizes and styles.

  Let us be the place for all of your needs and trends. We will flow through the seasons with a variety of seasonal styles that can meet any occasion. We will also be conducting several free giveaways to all of you lovely subscribers! So sign up, and we'll rock the runways together!

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